Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 Mani

2012 Mani took me ages to come up with something for this , so I thought I would use a couple of the nail polishes I got for Christmas, these two were off my boss he is a real gem , he knows each of us so well!
 I used BarryM Silver foil with BarryM silver glitter as I'm not going out I thought I would keep it simplez

I used one coat of BarryM Silver foil for my base, as with all of BarryM polishes the application is easy although the foil is tricky as it dries quite fast.

I then applied two coats of Barry M silver glitter this is micro holo glitter suspended in clear polish it looks very pretty in the bottle and on the nail but as per usual my camera failed to capture the glitterness, have you seen the bottle top I know fab isn't it!

Here is a blurred shot that shows a little better how sparkley this glitter polish is!  I do love my Barry M polishes and at an average of £2.99 for a 10ml  bottle it is just fabulous and I think I own over 20 shades now!

In the UK you can purchase them from Superdrug or Boots or straight from Barry M not sure for other countries, feel free to add links of your overseas purchases of this brand .

I would like to wish all my followers and Friends a Safe and Prosperous and polish full New Year!

And for your viewing pleasure here is a slide-show of my first of hopefully many manicures

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