Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Metallic Venus and Mars

I apologize in advance for all the pics! I have for you another two of the W7 metallics collection,
Of all the ones I have tried, these two are the runniest , so be prepared for a few layers but it is so worth the effort. So first up is Metallic Venus this is a purpley bluey duo chrome. I did four coats to acheive opaque, but can you see the duo chrome,  isn't it stunning!

This was only 1.99 and I can't believe how lovely it is even in normal light,  it is a dark lush purple with a hint of blue..

In direct sunlight it is a lighter purple, it has so many shades in it maybe it should be a multi chrome?

Here is a closeup blurry shot to show you the different colours WOW I do love this one!
And here is a bottle shot of this polish What do you think do you like, love it?

Now if you loved Venus your going to adore Metallic Mars, this was the sheerest of the lot, I applied four coats to achieve opaque and it went on evenly and the effect well see for yourself!

I know I here your gasps, simply stunning shade, it has a dusky pink and brown duo chrome effect, this is my favourite out of all the Metallics even though they are all stunning!

In what ever direction the light caught this polish , it had a different look here is looks pinky brown and below it has more of a pinky colour to it.

Below is a shot of the bottle how many colours can you see? I think I can even see green in there!

What do think about this brand ?

At 1.99 to 2.99 a bottle I think these are outstanding polishes, especially for us UK girls who don't have a lot of good brands or shades of polishes.

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