Friday, 17 February 2012

Butterfly Award

 The lovely Carmela from Polished Indulgence has kindly tagged me for the Butterfly Award thankyou x
You know the drill enjoy the read and if you want to answer some just for the heck of it feel free to do so in the comments section!

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who awarded you: Thanks, Carmela
2. Answer the following questions
3. Award 10 other bloggers

The Questions:

1. What's your favorite song?
Easy Peasy! Dream On by Aerosmith.
2. What's your favorite dessert?
I haven't really got a sweet tooth but if I had to choose it would have to be, Rice pudding not the tin type the home made type, but as I am Lactose intollerent it has been many a year since I have eaten it.
 3. Who's your favorite pet?
I love all my pets but the one that entertains me the most is Ali the cat and no he's not named after the alley cats , he is named after the famous boxer as he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

 Now you know why he is Ali!

4. Black or white?
5. What's your biggest fear?
Now when I read this question I wasn't to sure whether to lie as , when you tell people your biggest fear they usually use it against you but as I trust the people who read my blog I figured I would reveal it . now most people when they have a fear , you go yeah I can sort of relate to that, like clowns i can break out in quite a sweat and I avoid the circus and kiddies birthday parties, snakes yep again the sweating commences as soon as one is on the TV , the HP films had me a bit nervous at times with that bloody snake but what makes me stand in fear and I can't move , I hyperventilate my hairs on my arms stand up,  hell every hair on me stands up, and the thing is every day I see it there is noway of avoiding as they are in my house, at the supermarket and I know your going to laugh but when I smell one my gag reflex loosens considerably, I love the liquid form it's yummy its just the solid form and as I'm typing this I can feel my heckles go up anyways I will now reveal that my biggest fear and yep it is genuine it is the *Orange* ( shudder).
 6. What's your best feature?
I really am not keen on most of me typical women they say never happy with the way we look, but if I have to name one it would be my hair except for the ever expanding grey and silver, it is exactley it is in the same condition as when I was younger a very very long time ago.
7. What's your everyday attitude?
I wake up and look at the world and say bring it on, I am an optimist , why worry about something you can't change when you have plenty going on oin the present that you can!

8. What is perfection?
There is no such thing and maybe if the word was actually banned from use there would be a lot more happier people in the world
9. What is your guilty pleasure?
Easy Peasy again! My nail polish collection but I don't really think its a guilty pleasure , as when I buy a bottle I dont' ever feel guilty for buying it!

Now for my Tags I am going to select 10 from my twitter lists if you don't have a blog to answer the questions feel free to answer them in the comments section.
  1.  @PureEffectNails 
  2. @DreaminOfPolish
  3. @hayley_nails 
  4. @glitterfaster
  5. @Arlyn531
  6. @jh3nifa 
  7. @ChelseasNails
  8. @SubtleShimmer 
  9. @jessikahonaker 
  10. @Sugar_Nails

Have a great day!

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