Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cute Blog Award

I've been given the Cute Blog Award by Charlotte over at Charlottes-Nails Thank again Chick! check out her blog if you haven't already; she is a fellow UK blogger

So here are the rules...
Link back to the person who awarded you
Answer award questions
Share something about yourself you haven't shared on your blog
Award as many blogs as you think are worthy of this award

1.What is your go to make up product?
My Clarins anti wrinkle cream :)

2. Favourite fashion trend of 2011?
Has to be the differnt accent finger when painting ones nails!

3. Favourite colour?
Easy Purple :D

4.What was the last song you listened to?
Frans Ferdinand - Take me out :)

5.Cats or Dogs?
both sorry i have 2 cats and a pooch!

6. What's your middle name?
I haven't got one because as my mum says you have a double barreled name blah!

OK now for something you don't know about me already WOW what is there that I haven't already said before uhmmmmmm..........................................

Ok I am the biggest Sci fi nerd you will ever meet, I have wait for it every episode of Dr Who new & old on DVD , Every episode of Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe, I am a BrownCoat ???? I told you I was the biggest Scifi Nerd in the Verse, Shiny! I have Firefly, Angel, Buffy, Supernatural, Star Trek and of course Star Wars oh and I have watched them all :) and most if not all Scifi films out there. The Original Scifi Momma Geek!

I am going to nominate blogs I haven't nominated before and they are all UK blogs please check them out they are all amazing!

Emily @ Emily's Nail Files
Chrystal @ Enigmatic Rambles
Michelle @ Blingernails
Kellie @ Fab-La-Icious
Sara @ Sara's Pretty Little Things
Sarah Louise @ Spellbinding Nails

Have a Great Day!

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