Monday, 20 February 2012

Old meets New

Today i have a real treat, this is the Mani that I didn't want to take off,  so I filed my nails down to get some more wear out of it, the photo's really don't do it any justice, but I loved it! And I used the hottest polish on the market to finish it off! Excuse my index finger the top coat settled a bit wierd on it!

2 layers Huckleberry with  one layer Seche Vite Topcoat

 First of all there is a story behind the polish my friend Jacqui over @ Scholarly Nails and I did a polish swap and she really wanted to get her hands on the vintage cutex polishes from the Harvest collection check here . So of course I ordered her them and a couple for myself, and my was I in for a suprise the colours are quite unique and they apply like a dream and are opaque in just two coats.
The one on my nails here is called Huckleberry, I am not sure how old these are but I do know Cutex do not do polishes anymore.

This is a lovely shade of blue and is quite close to it's name sake, it has a creamy finish and as I said before it is opaque in two coats!

Now for the fun, I loved this colour and wanted to see what it looked like with something layered over it instead of the normal glitters and flakies, I decided to go with the Hottest Polish on the market today and yeah for once it can only be bought in the UK. So here it is Max Factor's Max effect Fantasy Fire!

 This picture really doesn't do this polish any justice as my camera kept having fits so I decided on the little bit of blur so you can catch the subtle colour shifts! and I am so glad I layered it over Huckleberry and not over a purple or a black as this is such a unique colour , I loved it what about you if you have Fantasy Fire what did you layer it over and do you like my experiment?

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