Friday, 4 May 2012

Carved Stone Homage

My Homage to Chris at Let them have polish

I am back with another homage to another of my favourite nail artists, This lady was also involved in the infamous 31 day challenge , she is extremely talented at stamping and has some beautiful nails. The mani I chose to recreate appeals to my geologist tendencies, I don't how this lady manages to line everyone of the stamps so perfectly because I really struggled so here is my attempt at Carved Stone nails!

For this mani I used:
Base Colour: NYC, Sidewalkers, a-England, Morgan Le Fay
Stamping colour: Barry M, Black
Stamp: BM 222
Rhinestones: Andrea Fullerton
Top Coat: Seche Vite.

Firstly I applied two coats of sidewalkers, I like this grey unfortunately I forgot to take photo's f my nails with just it on , but don't worry, I messed up my middle finger the grand total of 5 times so I managed to get a pic of Sidewalkers on it's own.

Next to achieve the shimmer that Zoya Harley has I used a-Englands, Morgan Le Fay , I did the same with this step too, so here is a photo, with it on my middle finger , hurray for messing up lol. I love the effect this polish has on the grey.

Next I stamped each finger with BM 222 to achieve the same carved look, I like it but prefer Chris's. Then finally I added a rhinestone to the base of each nail , hope you like it!
The stones didn't last long maybe an hour before I noticed one had pinged.

Promise the last pic is of the camera hogger that is Thumb! I enjoyed recreating this mani, even though it took a few attempts on my middle finger!

Thanks for stopping by and reading, please feel free to comment and Have a great day!

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