Sunday, 27 May 2012

Guest Post: Chit Chat Nails

 HI all, I am hopefully sporting a rather fetching tan about now! and very rested too, fingers crossed, So for todays Guest Post, Today is by a dear friend of mine whom I have met through blogging but we mainly chat on twitter, She is a wonderful mother of 3 beautiful children and also has a handsome Husband who is a talented Photographer to boot makes for a very entertaining family! And of course she has the loveliest sausage fingers *Swoon* in the blogging world,  I give you the Beautiful Marta from Chit Chat Nails!

Hello Lovely Ladies,
My name is Marta and I have a little Canadian blog, just over the pond ;) , called ChitChat Nails. 
I am soooo excited to be here!!!  I'm honoured that Joanne asked me to Guest Post and I am very happy to return the guest-post favour.  You see, a few months back, Joanne did a super sweet post for me (while I was away in Poland).  Her post was very special to me because she did a freehand manicure around the movie Moulin Rouge (LINK: ).  We both have a soft spot for the film AND for the leading man: Ewan McGregor.  I wasn't quite too sure how to top Joanne's post, but I was certain that I wanted to come up with something just as special for her... something meaningful.  I wracked my brain, and then desperately searched around the toy littered room (I have three little ones at home) for something, anything, to 'inspire' me.  Finally, my eyes landed on a toy, and instantly the hamster wheel started turning: "Joanne is a fan of Tinkerbell... I shall try my darndest to create something freehand for her".

I used two coats of a Polish nail polish ;) brand called Barbra Colour Alike in #205.  I then busted out my box of acrylic paints and got to painting.  When I was done, I dabbed on little bits and pieces with a Color Club striping brush in Holographic Glitter.

I hope you can look past my mediocre attempt at drawing this mischievous little fairy, and appreciate that while the end result may not be the greatest, the good intentions were there!

Joanne, I hope you have a fantastic vacation, get some rest, and know that we are all anxiously waiting for you to get back and tell us all about your trip.
Thank you for being such a kind friend, and for sharing your positive spirit, your youthful energy for life, and your love for adventure with us!

When I opened this post for the first time , I was really excited as too what Marta would do and I can tell you I made a noise that made even my dog jump up at me , this is a superb Mani Marta , I love everything about it , the flowers are exquisite and what can I say, Tink would be proud,  and I love the tinkerbell doll too , this mani is far from mediocre and thankyou again for coming to my aide and I will cherish this mani for years to come.

So if you haven't been to see Marta's blog what the heck you waiting for Chit Chat Nails, she is an awesome stamper and she is the one responsible for my ever increasing Cult nails collection and ever decreasing bank balance!

Have a great day and thanks for coming back and reading!
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