Monday, 28 May 2012

Guest Post: Polished Indulgence

Todays Guest Poster is another super talented nail artist, Carmela and her trusted sidekick Hammie always surprise me with thir unique mani's and we have a shared fondness for Dotticures! So over to Carmela Oh and of course Hammie too!

Hello Northern Nails enthusiasts! Hammie the Hamster, checking in. I've been sent forth to perform neighbourly duties while my partner in crime, Carmela, keeps watch over our little piece of the interwebs that we fondly call Polished Indulgence (I hope you'll find time to feed me a treat or two if you ever hop over to visit). It's always such an honour to be asked to do a guest post, but when the lady asking is the lovely Joanne, it becomes so much more. Jo has quickly endeared herself to this lowly hamster (and Carmela, too!). Not just because of her gorgeous manicures and spunky personality, but because she always seems to be coming to our rescue! We'll always be grateful to Jo every time we cradle our tiny bottle of Fantasy Fire (my preeciooouuusss...). We also adore the very spring appropriate dotted mani she came up with when we called out for guests posts on a tight schedule just recently. So you know we had to return the favor!

We were still very hung up on beaches and everything that reminded us of a summer getaway that we tried to capture it in a design that's both simple yet different. We wanted to capture the colors of the beach, especially the sparkle of the sand and water when the sunlight hits it just right. So it was decided that we'd go with a mint-y green for a base color and some sparkle with a silver-y accent nail. We also employed a bunch of nail art accessories to get the final look.

For the accent nail, we used China Glaze Polarized for the base, Kiss nail stickers for the flowers and blue studs from the Born Pretty Store.

For the other nails, we used Orly Gumdrop as the base, sponged on some Rimmel Lasting Finish Marine Blue in the free end of the nail, swooping up as we went, and topped the sponged area with fine glitter (Sally Hansen New Lengths Silver Slightblade).

See how it ties in with our (lingering) beach fixation?

Like Jo's thumb, Carmela's was feeling a tad left out so here's a full hand photo to keep everyone happy.

One last look!

There you have our beach inspired nail art! Truth be told, we were originally planning on creating a design that would echo Jo's love for Tinkerbell. But as we went along, different ideas took form and refused to let go. Must be because when we sat down to do this, we kept remembering how Jo had the delightful dilemma of trying to figure out what polish to wear for her trip. As Carmela was just in the same boat a few weeks earlier, our shared beach fixation came to the forefront and demanded more nail art in its honour. Oh, well, there's always next time, I suppose!

Thank you so much, Jo, for this wonderful opportunity! We hope you're enjoying your well-deserved holiday!

Meanwhile, let's do a quick survey, shall we? Who else is as excited as this hamster to see photos and hear of this awesome lady's trip, raise your hands! *raises hand*

I love this post Hammie, the mani is definatley perfect for a beach holiday and I will be wearing a similar blue while I am away!  Here are some Hammie snacks for you and tell Carmela this was an awesome mani and thankyou so much for coming to my aide! Everyone needs to have a Diva for a thumb, even though mine has had an accident and doesn't want the limelight at the moment!

Have a Great Day and thanks for reading!

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