Thursday, 21 June 2012

DC Comics: Heroine Challenge

I hope you liked the Poison Ivy mani on Tuesday well it is now time for her to have the weed killer poured on her and of all the DC hero's I thought only one Hero actually Heroine could take up the challenge, this lady was one of my heroes as a child, she was a woman with a fuller figure not a Size 0,  A modern day Amazonian ! She like Superman also liked to show of her knickers :D

I bet you guessed it didn't you , yes Wonder Woman has come too save the day!
I decided to try my hand at some freehand nail art although this is far from perfect I really like it :D

 While researching Wonder Woman I came across the MAC polishes and the geek in me couldn't resist!

For this Mani I used:
Base Colour on all fingers but pinky: MAC, Obey Me
Base for pinky: MAC, Spirit of Truth.
Nail Art over the Red polish: Nails Inc, Lanesbourgh place.
Stamping polish: Barry M, Silver Foil.
Cheeky Plate: 4.
Bundle Monsters 206.
Topped off with Seche Vite.

On my Ring and pointer I painted on Wonder womans belt, then on the Middle finger decided to draw the Wonder Woman logo, and finally I stamped stars on my finky to represent Wonder Womans wonderful under garment! For my thumb I decided to represent her tiara!

I really wish my nails had been a little longer, but they came out good so I'm happy,.
Would you have picked Wonder Woman to beat Poison Ivy? If not whom would you have picked?

Now go and check out who the Super Six pitted against their Villains!
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Sarah @ Spellbinding Nails
Jo @ NorthernNails
Charlotte @ Charlottes Nails
Kerrie @ PishPosh and Polish

Thanks for Reading and come back soon

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