Thursday, 28 June 2012

Disney Hero/ine Challenge

Well for my Disney Heroine I had quite a wide range to choose from, as I may have mentioned before I am a huge Disney fan and I have many a favourite , but my Hero/ine may suprise those of you that know me ;) As Cruella was so evil I really needed someone extra special to banish her for good, So do you know whom I maybe referring too?

Ok did you guess?  bet you never saw this one coming did you!
I chose Esmeralda because Hunchback of Notre Dame was the first Disney film that she made me watch until I knew every line that each character said and we loved the songs especially Topsy Turvy!

For this mani I used:
OPI: A Grape Fitti, and Fly
Avon: Vivid Violet
Barry M: Gold Foil
Essence: Gold Fever
Barry M: White
Colour Club Striper: Yellow.

First on every finger except the middle finger I applied two coats of OPI, A Grape Fitti then applied Avon, Vivid Violet on top diagonally then when that dried I used a small dotting tool and added Essence, Gold Fever with an even smaller dotting tool.

For my middle finger I applied two coats of Barry M White, then using a paint brush I painted the outlines of Esmeralda top then filled it in  with OPI Fly when this died using Colour Club Yellow I drew stripes . I apologizes for my thumb being very dry but my fingers have suffered some since I got back of hols.

I really enjoyed recreating Esmeralda outfit and hope I did it justice :D

Here is one more for your viewing pleasure, If you could pick your favourite Disney character whom would it be!
Next week is the last week of the challenge and is our Ultimate Hero and Villains so make sure to come back and check out whom my Ultimates are!
Now you have seen mine go and check out the other girls mani!
Here are the Super Six!

Sammy @ Nailasaurus
Debbie @ the crumpet
Sarah @ Spellbinding Nails
Jo @ NorthernNails
Charlotte @ Charlottes Nails
Kerrie @ PishPosh and Polish

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