Thursday, 14 June 2012

Marvel Superhero Challenge

 Now it's time to kick the Green Goblins butt, normally about now Peter Parkers alter ego would be swinging in to save the day but I thought he may be a popular choice and he isn't my favourite Marvel Character (tsk) I hear you say!
My favourite Marvel character is one of the X-Men although a reluctant member of the team he comes good in the end and I think its his bass ass streak that drew me too the character. And when I saw who they cast for the character I couldn't wait to see the film!

So did you guess who it was , for those who didn't it is Wolverine, I thought I would give the freehand a bit of a try with this one and didn't use a bit of tape only a paintbrush, polish and stripers!

I really like how this turned out and I think I got the colours pretty much perfect, although maybe a I should have let the black dry on my thumb!
For this mani I used:
Base Colour: Avon, Sunshine
Stripes: Bettina, Peppermint
Thumb art: red and Black stripers

First i applied Avon yellow to all my nails it took 3 coats to achieve opaque, then with a paintbrush I painted zigzags with Bettina, Peppermint and on my thumb just stripes at either side and on my ring finger I did an upside down half moon.

On my thumb I used the Red striper to put a dot then the Black striper to add the belt detail and the X, just wish I waited a bit for it too dry as  when I applied the top coat it dragged the black , live and learn they say!

Finally on my ring finger I painted some claws to finish my Wolverine nails, I think these would defiantly save us all from the Green Goblin.What do you think? Whom would you have pitted against the Green Goblin?

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May the Polish be with you!

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