Sunday, 10 June 2012

Post-Holiday Post

Hi all well I am back in not so sunny Blighty! It has done nothing but rain since I got back, oh well at least I go 11 days of back to back sunshine , why have I never been to this island before two hurs flight and 30 degrees heat my kinda place to live!
I would like to Thank my lovely Polish Angels for holding the fort while I was away they did an awesome job didn't they!
I was going to put my holiday snaps on here for you but there are so many that I thought I was better directing you to my other blog where they are already and waiting for you HERE!
So onto my mani well I needed to be cheered up somewhat when I got back so I decided on trying to recreate the absolutely stunning sunsets I saw while away!

Just after I got back from Ibiza, my nail polishes from Models Own arrived, these would have been so cool for my hols wouldn't they!

For my sunset mani I decided to use Beach Party and Hedonist for a gradient mani. For a tutorial on how to do Gradients visit  Sammy from Nailasaurus she makes it sound so easy!

For the base I used three coats of Beach Party, I love this polish it dries matt and so easy to apply, then I used Hedonist to mix with Beach Party to get the gradient effect!

I think I may need a bit more practice with the gradient effect but I do like how it turned out, Does it remind you of a sunset!

This little guy has relatives that inhabit Ibiza and I can tell you they were everywhere, although they were green not sunset shades.

And back with avengence is the thumb not to be left out!

And here is another close up for you, of my nails and the lizard.

I hope you didn't miss me too much and are glad that I am back, And do I have a treat for you all starting this Tuesday with some extremely Super talented ladies

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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