Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Loathing the rain love the sunshine : Boots No 17 Beauties

The weather in the UK has been truely awful for weeks now so I decided I needed a pick me up and did a coupe of bright mani's for you :D
I have a couple of beauties from the No17 range at Boots they are only £2.99 but they are also 8ml . They have started too bring out some exciting colours and for spring this year they brought out some lovely shades including the two I am going to show you! First up is the lovely Spring Petal.

This such a stunning shade, in the bottle it looks like a dusky pink with shimmer but on the nail it is much more a coral shade and for the life in me I couldn't get the shimmer on camera. It was a dream to apply and took just two coats to get an opaque finish. And I love how it looked against my tan too.

I really love this colour and I think I may have to snag one more for a back up as it is only a small bottle and the same goes for my next No17 which is Juicy this shade is just yummy!

This like Spring Petal has a subtle shimmer and yet again I couldn't capture it on camera but let me tell you this is a stunner in real life. It is a bright lime green, with a slightly darker green shimmer, I love how this looks on my fingers now but would guess it won't when I lose my tan but for now I am loving this green.

This took three applications to get it opaque but is worth the effort, even though this has a shimmer it almost looked like it had a rubbery finish, I loved both these polishes and at 2.99 they were a steal. Even Tink agreed.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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