Thursday, 12 July 2012

OH MY Precious Shiny!

OMG the big Shiny thing that is sometimes warm came out today all day I may add and I managed to get some shots of this beauty. I wasn't at all sold on these from pics that I have seen around the net but OMG you need to see this to believe, there is all kinds of sparkly shiny going on in this polish its a explosion of colour and shine!

I bring you China Glaze - Full Spectrum and my is it , you can see every colour in the colour spectrum in this polish plus it has every possible shine, sheen, sparkle and shimmer going on.

My dear friend Carmela @polishedindulge sent this too me all the way from Canada and I am so grateful she did because I would have never have seen it's hidden beauty , you really have to see this one in real life as no camera could catch its shine!

 Did I mention that this polish is all kinds of shiny! well I decided to attempt to take the shine out of the polish and use some mattifier, did it work?

I love a mattified glitter but the sparkly is still there ans you can see the colours pop better too, do you like mattified glitters ? or prefer them to be all sparkly shiny shiny?

Thanks for reading come back soon!

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