Sunday, 29 July 2012

Seeing Stars!

Well Girls it's Sunday and on Sundays we Stamp @ Adventures in Stamping and this weeks challenge is Red and Black, I really struggled with this one as these are not colours I would wear together but thats why its called a challenge , I am not altogether happy with this but as this is a journal of my polish activities then here goes!

For this mani I used:
No 7 Devil's Delight.
Barry M, Black.
Cheeky Plate 5

First I applied one coats of No 7 Devil's Delight diagonally then on the on top of that I painted diagonally across the nail with Barry M, Black. Both these only took one coat to achieve opaque.

Then using the same colours I stamped with Cheeky plate 5 stamping the stars on opposite sides, the red wasn't as good at stamping over black as I thought it would be , but you can sort of see it.

Do you wear these two colours together? What would you have stamped with for this red and black mani?
Thanks for stopping by and Reading!

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