Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ultimate Hero/Heroine: I Do I Do I Do!

This is a very sad day , as today is the last time the Super Six will be doing the Hero and Villain Challenge as today is our Ultimate Hero choice! I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every of the Super Six for their posts and I think this has been a huge success and can't wait to see others take up the challenge! Now on with the Mani :D

Most of you will have guessed this right at the start of my challenge and I was going to use it on last weeks but this little feisty lady isn't just my hero but she is most definatley my ultimate Heroine!

And before you ask , the answer is yes I do believe in faeries!

So did you guess ? Of course you did and yes it is the mischievous Tinkerbelle, a while back I was asked why and when I started to like tink! Well the when was most likely when I was a young child , as a family we use to watch films all the time on the back of our living room door on a cine cam and Peter Pan was another Favourite along with Sleeping Beauty that has stayed a favourite right into adulthood! And Tink is me or I am tink (without the wings) I too like to make things from nothing , I too am very inquisitive (nosy) and I too am quite mischievous in a good way ;)

  Ok onto the mani!
I used:
Bettina, Peace (disco collection)
A-England, Morgan Le fay
Avon, Sunshine
Barry M , White
Dotting Tools
Tinkerbelle water decals

First I applied 3 coats of Bettina, Peace to all my nails except my ring finger , This is a gorgeous green and reminds me of Tinkerbelle's dress!  but leaving it green , even though it is pretty would be boring !

Using a dotting tool and Avon, sunshine and Barry M , white I put random flowers all over .

For my ring finger I used 3 coats of A-Englands Morgan Le Fay , then I used a water decal as I really couldn't paint the face to even resemble Tink properly, these I purchased from Evil Bay for £2.99, they were a bit fiddly to apply but make the mani I think!

So I hope you have enjoyed the Heroes and Villains Challenge and feel free to do the challenge yourselves and yes you may use the pics just give Sammy @Nailasaurus the credit for designing them and myself for coming up with the challenge!
Thanks again Ladies it has been a blast , And my the polish be with with!

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