Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ultimate Villain : "mistress of all evil"

This the Penultimate post of our Hero's and Villains Challenge, this week we get too choose our Ultimate Villain and have a an evil one for you, she calls herself the mistress of Evil ! This lady scarred me as a child this was the first memory of a childhood film I have and it still is a favourite of mine.

Did you guess right? Yep it is the maliciousness Maleficent, the fairy without the invite get a grip lady no need to go all psycho but yep she did! And when her evil plan didn't work she cheated and used magic and changed into a big ass Dragon, I would use magic truth be told ;)

For this mani I used:
Cult Nails: Mind Control.
OPI: A Grape Fitti.
Barry M: Red and White.
Strippers: Black,yellow.

For my all my fingers except my thumb I used two coats of Cult Nails, Mind Control, I must get this one swatched on it's own as it is a wonderful polish! Then on my finger and forefinger I painted white stripes these represent Maleficent magnificent horns. 

Then for my Ring and Middle finger I used OPI, A Grape Fitti to represent the inside of her cape !
Like I mentioned before I really am bad at drawing but I really wanted to try it for this one as apart from the cape and horns I couldn't think of anyway to jazz it up so here you go I decided to paint on Magnificent face!

I used Barry M, White as a base the set too with my strippers and a paintbrush to do the details , for me I am happy with how it turned out you can almost tell whom it is meant to be !

I really hope you liked my Ultimate Villain and come back to see who my Ultimate Hero is :D

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