Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mash Up Part 2, Another W7 Vs Color Club!

It's Pink Wednesday I haven't done one of these in a while time to change that. As promised here is my second Mash up! Again I managed to find a W7 and Color Club that looked identical and had to check it out for myself! So here are W7 Pink Mirror and Color Club Foil me once, but like I said before in a previous post these color clubs were bought on the understanding they were from the foiled collection but as they have no names on them I can not be 100% sure they are!

Again like the last post I was unable to tell when I applied the polish to the nail , as to which was which polish but this time I did make a mental note of which polish was on which nail as you can tell from the pic below!

Like the Blues , I think the W7 is slightly gainer than the Color Club and slightly lighter too , but only slightly , these again were one coaters and could be excellent stampers!

I really like the foils, what do you think , do you prefer the W7 or the Color Club or would you by both for the hell of it anyway!
I loved this color so much I had it on for 4 days but decided to jazz it up again by adding some jewels , these were bought from a local store for £2.99. I applied a Top Coat (NYC) then applied the jewels in a line down my nails ( a rather shaky line ) . I had a few compliments with this mani!

I hope you enjoyed the Mash ups, they may be back in the not so distant future but I have something very exciting coming to the blog from the 1st September!

Thanks for stopping by and reading see you next time

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