Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic Rings: Half Moons!

Today in my London/Olympic week, I bring you the Olympic Rings, I decided to do them as a Half moon mani and I think they came out OKish!

For this mani I used:
Base Colour: Barry M, White
Pinky: Bettina, Peppermint.
Ring Finger: Avon, Yellow.
Middle Finger: Sally Hanson, Black Out.
Index Finger: China Glaze, Four Leaf Clover.
Thumb: Barry M, Red.

First I applied two coats Barry M, White to all my fingers to achieve opaque, then I waited until my nails were dry, as from previous half moon manis or tape ones if its not completely dry you end up in a mess and starting again.

Next I placed ring enforcers over each of nails at the base of the nails, then applied each of the colours to represent the colours of the Olympic Rings! I know I cheated a little as they are not exactly rings but they are my interpretation of them.

Last week I did a skittle mani representing the colours of the rings but only got one picture of them before I applied a new manicure but I will be wearing it for my trip to London ! Here is the pic of the skittle mani via my I-phone. ( I used the same nail polishes as this mani for the skittle one !)

Thanks for stopping by and Reading!

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