Monday, 27 August 2012

W7 Vs Color Club

Hi Ladies I have another mash up for you this week it involves a foil and a mirror polish , I think they are the same finishes but the brands have used different names , these are two lovely shades of Blue and remind me of winter and ice! So I give you W7 Blue Mirror and Color Club Lumin-icecent.

So could you tell which was which , I know I couldn't and had to reapply it ,then write which polish was on which finger , I have done it for you here!

I think if you look really closely you can see that Color Club,  Lumin-icecent has finer glitter than W7, Blue mirror but they are both so close to call it,  Lumin-icecent may also bit a tiny bit darker too but they are both great looking foils/Mirrors.

Both polishes were one coaters so I am guessing they would be fabulous for stamping , Watch this space! Both are reasonably priced  although W7 is a lot easy and cheaper to access in the UK than Color Club. I have only been able to buy Color Club in TK Max and sometimes they sell them under different names and collections !

What do you think ladies , can you tell the difference between them , if you can which do you prefer?
Have you tried stamping with either of them!

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