Wednesday, 12 September 2012

30 Day of Untried's Challenge - Day 12 - Stripes

You think Stripes , that's easy it's just lines , how wrong was I , I have never mastered the art of straight even lines , I guess practice makes perfect in this case and these are far from perfect but all same I love how they turned out.

First I used two coats of Zoya , Jana , I must say I didn't like how this applied it was very glupy and the brush was a bit array! hoping it was just this bottle !

Next using a stripper brush I applied the Bettina , Truffle and Barry M, Copper, This reminds me of a toffee wrapper , maybe a luxury chocolate wrapper!

This definitely  reminds me of Autumn/Fall and I can't wait to wear Barry M , Copper on it's own.

No 7 - Devil's Delight
Cutex - Cornucorpia
Angelica- Lemoncello
Nicole by OPI - One Time Lime
Barry M - White
Orly - Goth
OPI - Number One Nemesis
W7 - Gold Dazzle
 Bourjois - Pink Glitter
W7 - Green Dazzle
Kiko  - 255
Kiko - 341
Kiko - 336
Angelica - Sorbet
Zoya - Jana
Bettina - Truffle
Barry M - Copper

Here are the other Ladies who are doing the challenge!

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