Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pink Wednesday - Pink October

Hi my lovely ladies , How are we on this fine Wednesday ! Cheer up only two more days and its the weekend :D That's better. Anyways on with the post, well it's Wednesday and on Wednesdays we wear Pink !
This Pink Wednesday is to raise awareness to something that is dear to my heart and probably every person on the planets ! October is the month that turns Pink. As I said this is very close to me as my Auntie died of recurring Breast cancer over 10 years ago , through her treatments she was tested for a genetic marker, which the scientist have identified as a precursor to developing Breast Cancer (80% ), this test enables you to decide as whether or not to have your breasts removed in advance of developing Breast cancer amongst other things! ,sadly this advancement in science wasn't available to my Aunt , but for my Mum and her Sisters ,my cousins and myself and my children it is! In the summer I had to go and have tests done,  I am really pleased to say that I do not carry the genetic marker and this means that me and my children have the same 20% chance of developing the disease like the rest of the population, needless to say this doesn't mean we never will develop it, this is why more money is needed in this area, Find the gene, we may one day be able to remove that gene and eradicate this awful disease for good! So here is my Pink October Mani dedicated to my Auntie Judith :D

For this Mani I used:
Sinful Colors - Beautiful Girl.
Ring Finger: Barry M - Pink Sapphire
Pink Pearl beads
NYC - Classy Glassy

First i applied 3 coats of Sinful Colors, Beautiful Girl, this is a lovely pick, it was a bit glupey for me but I did get it from a pound shop ;) the name is very appropriate as well. Next I dabbed on the Barry M - Pink Sapphire, this is a lovely chunky glitter , but beware it has some bar glitter in it , I am aware some people don't like it :D Then I applied a coat of NYC , Classy Glassy and let it thourghly dry, then I applied it just to the tips of my nails , then dipped the nails one by one in the beads and brushed the excess off with a nail brush.

So there you go my sprinkle tipped Pink October Mani, just for my Auntie Judith , whom I am sure would love it!

Thankyou for reading come back soon.

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