Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Polish Days - Get Sentimental

When Hannah revealed what this months polish days challenge was  ' Get Sentimental' I knew what I was going to do,  I instantly remembered how I felt when I heard the news that a particular brand of polish wasn't going to be available for me to buy again! I was sad to say the least as I had quite an order setup on the next payday. The Polish was Nerd Lacquer , this polish was everything a geek like me could ask for , the unique polishes that had scifi collections, this was my first ever Indie polish and my it was a beauty the 3 that I bought are stunning and the 3 I own are my favourites out of my whole collection and bring out the science geek in me. I have lemmings on most of these polishes so if you do see any for sale please do let me know! 
So here we go I not only have one of these amazing polishes for your viewing pleasure but I have all 3 for you :D

First up I have Nebula, this is a blackened plum jelly jammed packed with multicoloured micro glitters. When the light hits it just the right way you could imagine you were in the universes stellar nurseries watching a new star being born,  too much ! Maybe,  but you can't deny this is a stunning polish! I used two coats to achieve the coverage you see in the photo's

Next we have Event horizon, which is a blackened dark blue jelly jammed packed full of multi coloured micro glitters. This one reminds me of what I learned about black holes , when you see the last bit of light before the black hole eats it up , you see a flash of brilliant lights and I imagine ( I use this a lot) this is what it would look like or least I'd like to think this is what it looks like!

Last and certainly not least my favourite of the bunch ( only because it is green) Quasar, a blackened green jelly jammed packed with multicoloured micro glitters. Man this is a stunning polish and as Quasars are very luminescent I guess this is an apt name for it as it is extremely bright and you can almost imagine ( here I go again ) millions of galaxies existing within the polish, I really need to get a life lol.

Okay these polishes are stunning on there own but I couldn't pass on an opportunity to stamp over them so, using Gosh , Holographic hero , I stamped using Cheeky Plate 48, I love how this turned out very spacey!

Thanks for reading and hope you will check out the other ladies Polish Day posts

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