Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sat - ART - day / 50's Nails

So 50's , when I think about the Fifties it conjures up images of Elizabeth Taylor and Marylin Monroe two of the most glamorous ladies of this Decade and of course Red Lips and Red Nails. Revlon were one of the leading make-up manufacturers in the 50's, and a colour that has remained in their permanent collection just happens to be a red , Cherries in the snow ,this polish has been on the shelves since the fifties (well not this bottle ) , Ladies in the fifties also liked to leave the half moon on their nails clear of polish and so was born the Half Moon mani, nowadays we ladies use all sorts of colour combos but today I am going to show you the original , so here it is, Cherries in the Snow Half Moon Mani!

For this mani I used :
Revlon : Cherries in the Snow
paper reinforcers
NYC Classy Glassy top coat.

I applied the paper reinforces to each of my nails then I applied two coats of Cherries in the snow to my nails, then topped it off with a coat of NYC Classy Glassy topcoat.

This is a really classy look , even though my nails are nubbies it looks classy! Here is the ad!

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