Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sat- ART - day /Tarts

 Hi all firstly I do apologize for my tiny nubbins and my teeny tiny nibbin! it isn't sore anymore so I decided to paint it but please forgive me for not filing the rest of nails down to match it!
So I decided to join another group this time it is a Saturday Art Club,  anyways it will mean I will be posting every Saturday with some nail art and I need the practice! So this week the theme was Tarts, See the play on words! :D so me being the unconventional kind of woman I am , I decided to go with the provocative meaning for Tart not the desert kind! I have done something similar to this before and loved it so much I decided what the heck lets do again!

For this mani I used
Base: Barry M - Nude
Stamping - Sally Hanson - Black Out
Tips - Bettina - Radiance

First I applied three coats of Barry M , Nude to represent the skin, then with Sally Hanson, Black Out and Bundle Monster plate 209, I stamped the fishnet design onto my fingers to represent tights.

Then I added Bettina, Radiance on the tips to represent the Tarts shoes :D I really like how this turned out and I couldn't resist a shot with them pole dancing!

Untill next time :D

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