Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gelly on a plate!

A while back Barry M released a new collection of Gelly polishes , they are excellent for stamping as I have found out and they are very durable, that is they last a while on the nail without chipping although nothing can stop the inevitable tip growth, they are fabulous polishes , I have for you today Blood Orange which I think is more Red than orange but I will let you decide.

I applied two coats of Barry M , Blood Orange to achieve the look in the photographs, although one would have done the job but I have a thing for at least two coats.

It is a very rich red and maybe the name does go with the polish I don't know, when I hear the word orange used in a title, I expect an orangey colour but as this is a fabulous polish I can forgive. They even look good on my stubbies, as you can see my finger nail is recovering from its ordeal!

I decided even though this polish looked great on its own , I wanted to bling it up a bit , so I decided to add some gold Rhinestones.

I think the gems add too the mani , makes it more sophisticated , maybe this would be a great mani for a works Christmas party!

Thanks for stopping by and reading , See you again.
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