Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Jumpers on my nails

Todays Mani was inspired by one of my jumpers that I wear for work, i really love how this turned out , so with out any further ado here they are!

For this mani I used:
NYC - Sidewalker
W7 Salt N Pepper
Beyu - 386
NYC topcoat - Classy Glassy

First I applied two coats of W7, Salt n Pepper , i love this polish and will have to do a swatch of it on its own. Next I dotted NYC sidewakers on the nails , I used different sized a dots and some of them I elongated .

Finally using Beyu 386 and a nail art brush I painted around the dots  to form leopard spots.
This is the first time I have free handed leopard print spots!

here is a pic of my jumper what do you think!

 Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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