Monday, 12 November 2012

Purple Flocking Powder Review

Today I have a review post for you , Purple Flocking Powder , I bought mine from Born Pretty Store .
Let me first tell you this is definitely not a manicure to be worn everyday, but for that one off occasion, maybe a dinner dance  or a Ball, or  with Christmas coming your office Party. I can tell you that as soon as you wash your hands the powder will start to come off, but that being said  it makes for one hell of a conversation starter!

For this mani I use
Gosh - Purple Heart
NYC Classy Glassy topcoat
Purple Flocking Powder
Small brush

I applied a coat of Gosh Purple Heart to my nails first , this is just in case you get gaps , which I did , mind you only a few! Then when this is dried apply the topcoat one nail at a time , then dip your finger in the powder , ensuring that you cover the whole nail, then with the small nail brush wipe any excess away, couldn't be any easier.

The powder is superfine , which makes for an easy even coverage of the nail. there is approximately 13g of powder in the tub , this will probably last for quite a few manicures!

 Born Pretty Store also sells the kit , which you get the Powder, nail polish and brush. I really enjoyed doing my nails with this and will be doing an accent nail soon with it!

So what do you think, would you wear this for a manicure? If not a full one maybe an accent nail?
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