Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Spitting Feathers!

Hi all well this week Northern Nails has defiantly took on a nail art theme , earlier in the week you saw my furry nails now I have a feather Manicure for you , this was inspired by the post that Sammy did at Nailasaurus!
This mani was a very tricky one to do as the medium used isn't the most pliable, but all the same I enjoyed the challenge. I purchased the feathers from Viva La Nails for £1.45 very reasonable, I only used to of the feathers so I have enough left to do another mani. So here you have my feather mani!

For this mani I used
Cult Nails: Scandalous
China Glaze: I Herd that
NYC classy Glassy topcoat
Assorted dark orange feathers

  First I applied three coats of Cult Nails Scandalous this is from the Diva and Drama 2012 collection and it is yummy, Scandalous is a peachy jelly that is easy to build to opaque. I think this is the perfect base for nail art of all kinds.

Next I prepared the feather by cutting to the size I wanted, then I applied the topcoat and placed the feather on the nail, now the next bit is tricky and I had a few failed attempts. When you have the feather where you want it you need to apply a generous amount of topcoat , so as not to drag the feather of the nail.

When the nail has dried, you can trim or file any excess feather and voila your feather mani. Finally i sponged on China Glaze , I herd that on my middle and Ring finger.
So do you like this kind of nail art ?
Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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