Saturday, 24 November 2012

Two of the Bond Girls

Today I should have had a Sat Art Day post for you, but as I am not organized at all, I forgot to but the acrylic paints needed for the challenge , I'm a dope! Anyway I do have two of the polishes from the mini set by OPI that were inspired by the new Bond film SkyFall. The Bondettes as they are called feature four of the polishes from the collection, Golden Eye, The spy who loved me, The world is not enough and Live and Let die. Today Have for you Golden Eye and The Spy Who Loved Me.

Both of these polishes compliment each other, Golden Eye is jammed packed full of golden micro glitter and red micro glitter, this polish is very special and is nothing like anything I have seen before, you really need to see it in person to appreciate how different a gold glitter polish this is. I just couldn't quite capture the red glitter in the pics but believe me it is there.

The Spy Who Loved Me is also very special and unlike any red glitter I have seen , it is a red polish with red microglitter and gold microglitter, this also has to be seen in the flesh to see it's true beauty. I havent seen this before either, it took 3 coats of each of them to acheive the look in the photographs.

Because the polishes are so alike they really do compliment each other, what do you think?

Do you wear two different polishes at the same time?
Would you put Gold and Red together?
I can see me wearing these two again with some kind of embellishment for christmas.
Thanks for reading Hope to see you soon.

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