Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Viva La Nails Sticker and Decals Review/ Part Two

The next set of stickers from Viva La Nails are very decadent , they both wouldn't look out of place on your nails at a dinner dance or your office Christmas do!
First on my nails I have the nail stickers to show you, these are beautiful and very delicate looking and I have plenty left to wear this design again and again!
This post will be picture heavy sorry!

For this mani I used:
Cult Nails - Devious Nature
Barry M - Black
Viva La Nails sickers
NYC Topcoat: Classy Glassy.

I used a 5p for scale
First I applied 3 coats of Cult Nails , Devious Nature on all my nails but my Ring and pinky, I adore this pink and when it came to choose a colour to go with it to bring out the beauty i the stickers I new there could only be one colour and brand .

I love all the Barry M polishes I own and the Black is no exception these polishes go on fantastically and for the price they are as good if not better than high end brands. I painted my ring and pinky with the black I got opaque with two coats no streaking.

Next I picked the bits of the stickers I wanted , when the polish dried I cut the stickers off the paper then applied them on my fingers. What do you think, do you like them on black? I think it brings out the detail on the stickers better than any other colour could and it goes perfectly with Deviuos Nature.

Sorry about the pic overload but I couldn't get enough of this mnai , it is up there with my favourites.
Next I have the water decal to show you, these have a necklace design with a metallic finish. These ar so easy to apply also , maybe a bit more time needed than the stickers though.

For this mani I used :
Nails Inc - Motcomb Street
Viva La Nails water decals
NYC Topcoat: Classy Glassy

I used a 5p for scale.

First I applied two coats of Nails Inc, Motcomb street to all my nails, I really didn't like the application of this , this is one of only two nails incs I own and I am not overly struck  on them, they don't seem toapply well at all, that said I love the deep blue  colour of this polish and I think it compliments the necklace design of the water decals.

These are a lovely water decal , this is first time I have uesed a metalic finish and they were easy to apply , even for me :D
Both of these are fantastic for the novice nail artist and liven any day old polish up.
What do you think, are you a decal and sticker lady or do you prefer to freehand?

Thankyou for stopping by and reading hope to see you soon!

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