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A Year in Polish - 2012 Review.

WoW well that is 2012 nearly over and done with , I don't know about you lot but I for one thought that went quick! This year was my first year blogging and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, I have had my highs and lows and I am still trying to find a way for my nails to stay a decent swatching length. I thought for my review I would show you what were my favourite Mani's of this year were.
Looking back towards the beginning of the year one thing stands out, my nails are long gosh they were long , I wish I could remember what I did to get them that length, anyways first up I have my favourite British Brands of which two stood out this year!

W7 had a great start to the year with the release of their Metallic collection , all of them were named after a planet and most of them were Duo chromes the one Shown in the picture above is is of Venus which was one of my favourites out of the collection although all of them were lovely. We also got the fabulous collection of Glitters that were dupes for the Nail Inc sprinkles collection but apart from that W7 haven't brought anything else out here is hoping for more next year!
Next we have Barry M, well I don't have anything negative to say about this brand, every polish I have bought has been great to apply and the range of colours that they release are yummy! My favourite collection by Barry M this year was the Gellys apart from them being absolutely juicy in appearance they are fantastic for Stamping with, May The Barry and his M's continue to knock out these fabulous gems.

This year I also stepped up with the stamping and nail art on the blog, I am still learning but I think I may be getting better at both. This year I joined a couple of groups on Facebook to challenge both of the stamping and nail art skills. Adventures in Stamping have a weekly Sunday stamping Challenge of which the top two mani's are from and the other group is Crumpets Nail tarts of which Sat- ART -Day sets a challenge for your freehand skills and the two bottom manis are from.

This year I went away to Ibiza for a couple of weeks and wondered what I could do with the blog, so I sent out emails asking if some of my fellow bloggers could help out and I was amazed and still am at the response I got , i received some wonderful posts to share with you all while I was away , if you want check them out just click on May and scroll through them.
When I returned it was time to embark on my first challenge of which I came up with! I was joined by some wonderful ladies and between us came up with some superb mani's here are my Superheros and Villains posts!

Green Goblin , Poison Ivy, Cruella De Ville , Maleficent
 And next I have the Superhero's I did !

Wolverine, Wonder Women , Esmeralda, Tinkerbell
This year also saw me undertake the Infamous 30 Day Challenge, I still can't believe I managed to finish it and my nails behaved themselves, below is a montage of my favourites that I did and links to the posts!

Flowers , Black and White, Inspired by a Song , Inspired by a Movie , Inspired by Fashion, Delicate
This year was a good year to be a Brit , we had the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics which I was fortunate to go down and see, so here are some of my fav mani's from the summer!

Pearly Kings and Queens, Bronze silver Gold, Olympic Rings, Union Jack

There has been a lot of new brands that I have come across this year , new to me anyway! I have quite a few blogs that I visit to get ideas for nail art and stamping and every now and then I come across a brand that catches my eye and this Brand made an impact on me it is one of my fav's just a shame it is over the pond and with Royal Mail changing there postage rules and regulations I may not get to purchase them next year , so I will cherish what I do have. So here are some of my favourites that I have bought so far. Oh the brand is of course Cult Nails.

Time Traveler, Enigmatic and Seduction, Annalicious and Coveted
I love the holidays and my favourites of course are Halloween and Christmas so here are my favourite three from the two holidays click on the names to be taken to the post.

Sally, Day of the Dead, Christmas Skittlette
And finally here is my favourite polish of the year the name is definitely odd but I can forgive that when it looks this gorgeous on my nails! so here it is OPI I have a herring problem. This is such an unusual shade a dusky blue with pink shimmers , I do love it :D

So there you have it my favourite mani's that I have done over the last twelve months. And heres too another mani filled twelve months, before I go here is the most popular post on my blog for you!

With over 720 views this is the most popular post at Northern Nails and it was also on my favourite list, there is a reason she is my favourite little lady!

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