Sunday, 23 December 2012

Annalicious is Coveted by Cult Nails but there is a Happy Ending!

Couldn't resist the pun on words with the title of the post, I remember when  i first saw the two polishes I am showing you today, Annalicious I first saw on the lovely Marta's nails at Chit Chat Nails that photo spread she did was brilliant loved the hat :D And Coveted was on the lovely Maria's nails from Cult Nails when she was previewing the new collection  and I knew instantly I needed them both in my collection. So here they are!

For this mani I used:
Cult Nails : Annalicious and Coveted
and a cameo role by Cult Nails Happy Ending!
TopCoat : Classy Glassy.

First up is Coveted this polish is from the Behind Closed doors  winter 2012 collection . I applied two coats of this beauty on my nails, this is a stunning Dark Green Jelly with Shards of metallic glitter , I say Shards because they are not a uniform shape as most glitters are , I love this green reminds me of Christmas. This is my Favourite green now. I wish I had applied three coats as there is some nail showing.

Next the other beauty, now this one caught me by surprise as you may know I am not a red fan , but this is no ordinary Red , I applied two coats of Annalicious to my nails , it is a stunning bright red then when the light hits it it shimmers orange and red , I love it! Bonus about this brand is the longevity it is fab 5 days of no chipping and the only reason I removed was because of tip growth, anyways half way during the week I wanted to bling it up a bit more , so I decided to use Cult Nails Happy Ending over Coveted man what a glitter explosion !!!!!!

Here is Happy Ending from the Fairy tale collection, I applied two coats of Happy Ending on top of Coveted , it is a glitter bomb all by itself but over Coveted it pops, I really love how this has turned out! The clear polish is packed full of shards of different coloured glitter which would go great with just about any colour polish.

So do you freshen up a mani ? What colours do you associate with Christmas?
Tomorrow I have a special post for you featuring these two polishes! be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading and come back soon.
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