Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sat - ART - Day / Something Christmassy

HI all it's the weekend ! This weekend I am really busy , today we are off to IKEA to buy a  new dining table and chairs our nearest store is a 1hr 30 min drive not happy! then tomorrow we are going to a dance recital! So busy busy can't wait until next weekend to do nothing but stay in Jammie's all day :D .
I knew what I wanted to do for this weeks challenge but then time got the better of me so this isn't exactly what I had in mind but I didn't have time to amend it, so here are my Sat - ART - Day challenge nails!

For this mani I used:
OPI - Goldeneye
Bettina - Radiance
Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed
Elf - Twinkle

 For all the colours I used two coats to achieve the look in the pics, I am not really a religous person, my thoughts I will keep to myself but Christmas for me is about being with my loved ones and of course the exchanging of presents ;). I love to watch the kids open their presents , I can still surprise them although I must admit it is getting tougher! So I wanted to do a present across my nails.

I think I used to much glitter if that is at all possible, I think it would have looked better with cremes on the base and the glitter bow! I should also have used tape but again I dabbled with the freehand , will I ever learn? probably not!

I still quite like the glitterness of the mani but would have changed it if I'd have the time , but hey! I did say this blog was for the not so good mani's as well as the good ones,
Do you ever show a duff mani on your blog? If yes I would love to see !
Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Here are some more Christmasssy nail art!

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