Sunday, 27 January 2013

Straight and Wavy!

Sounds like a hair commercial! Hi all blimey Sunday again back to the grind tomorrow, so today is Stamping Sunday at Adventures in stamping, and the challenge today was for tape main with stamping, I really wasn't too sure what to do but as I just recived my a-englnad order I decided to have a play, hope you like!

For this mani I used:
a- England - Princess Tears and Elaine
Avon - Inspired
Gals Princess plate no 2
Striper tape

After playing around for a bit I decided to do a wavy stamp to compiliment the straight lines from the tape.

Under the tape mani I did alternative lines of Avon , Inspired and a-england, Elaine, I really love how this turned out quite effective next to the wavy lines :D and isn't a-englands Princess tears a beauty !

Thanks for stopping by and reading my dears and I have some more a-england beauties for you later in the week!

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