Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cirque - Fascination Street

Hi Ladies today I have the second polish that I won in the Sally Magpie Giveaway! And like Lonesome George this is one Glorious holo, Fascination street is a stunning purple Holo, I love purple, anyways I will let the pics do the talking for today !

This is one of the best Holo's I have seen , I only own a few, I am hoping the pics show the rainbows in the polish , how I saw them.

I just wish we had some sunshine so I could get a truer look at the colour although this isn't far from the actual colour, I used two cats to get this look, and I used Models own topcoat .

I got so many compliments at work when I wore this and had it on for a few days whoch isn't like me. Do you own any holos ? Which ones are your fav?

Hope you loved this one as much as me and I am so glad that I won them although I know I would have bought them :D
Thanks for reading and looking at the pretty pictures!

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