Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cult Nails, Fetish and Blaze

As the title says I am going to show you my slick tips! But first let me tell you how happy I am that after some reading of sound literature my favourite international brand decided to reinstate the UK as shipping too again , I can tell you I am one happy lady! So onto the nails, here are two of the polishes that you get when you buy the Cult Nails anniversary set, you also get Tempest but I will feature that on  it's own soon :D For now I have Fetish and Blaze!

For this mani I used:
Cult nails: Fetish and Blaze
NYC Glassy Glassy

First I applied one coat of Fetish to my Pinky and ring finger and three coats of Blaze to my Middle and Index finger.


Next I dabbed Blaze to the tips of my Ring and Pinky finger. I absolutely love these polishes , Blaze is everything autumnal too me and is now my favourite glitter polish. Then I free handed a half moon on my middle and index fingers using Fetish.

I wanted to see what it looked like with a top coat and yep I liked it but then I changed my mind and using a matte top coat I blended the two polishes together and Loved this look, man does glitter look awesome when mattified! So from now on I will leave Fetish alone and it may have to appear on my nails on a soon to be rock night!

Thanks for stopping by and reading and if you would like to read some other Britsh Blogs here are some more for your viewing pleasure!

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