Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Polish days - Back to Nature

For my Polish Days I decided to be inspired by our weather, in the UK we generally have very boring weather,  which I mean nothing to exciting or dangerous , so I guess you could say we are lucky! but in recent years some parts of the UK have seen flooding the like of never before, only seen in tropical climates! We have also had snowfalls that could give some parts of Europe a run for it's money, so we seem to be on the verge of something big in the UK in weather terms. But here in Blackpool it has been plenty of the wet stuff I think we have a had two whole days of sunshine this year! SO my mani is inspired by the gloom of rain , not the lashing down sort of which you can splash in puddles with but the grey clouds murky drizzle rain that dampens your spirits as well as your clothes.

For this mani I used:
NYC - Sidewalker
Bloom - Dark Grey
BM Plate 312
Makeup sponge
Rimmel Matte Finish.
First I applied one coat of NYC, Sidewalkers to all of my nails

Then using Sidewalkers and dark grey I sponged on a gradiet using a make up sponge, I love how murky and cold this looks just like a grey day in Blackpool! But I needed something else!

I found the perfect image on Bundle monster plate 312 , the clouds, but unfortunately the white stamper I had was drying up, so it didn't transfer brilliantly but you get the idea I hope!
Then I needed to make not glossy so matted it out using rimmel matte finish.

So do these remind you of those grey days! I am hoping there are some mani from the girls in the Southern Hemisphere I need some Sunshine!

I cant wait to see what the other ladies have come up with , untill next time! Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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