Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Stamping - I'm a nerd and I am proud to be one

Ok so today was a really easy one for me or so I thought! , I am an Ultimate nerd, I love Comic book Heroes at the moment I am loving the Avengers movie and all the Ironman movies , I also love to read and am currently in a bookclub in Goodreads , I am reading the restorer at the moment. I am also a keen gardener , but with the frost I haven't ventured out for a while, I also  love everything Tink (tinkerbelle) And I am a geologist , I love my rocks! So there I didn't know what to choose , so I decided on my passion of which is Rocks especially the volcanic variety! So on with the post!

For this mani I used :
Essence - I'm the Boss
A-Englands - Percival
Konad Black
BM 208

First I applied two coats Essence I'm the boss to all my nails except my ring finger, this is a wonderful polish , it is a dark grey with lost of micro glitter in it , i love how it is sort of dull but when the light catches it it sparkles .

On my ring finger I applied two coats of A-englands Percival this is a gorgeous shade of red more ruby I'd say. Then I decided to use BM plate 208 using Konad black for all my nails except my ring finger , I used the essence I'm the boss for that nail.

Ok ok I can hear you saying , what the heck does this have to do with geology, well ladies you will have to stretch your imagination here a little! So I love volcanic Rocks ,especially the ones deep under the Earth;'s crust , as these can yield the most spectacular gems , like the Garnet, which is a favourite of mine! So the nails represent the Volcanic rocks  the stamping is when the rocks split to reveal the gorgeous Garnet that you see on my ring finger! I did say you would need to use your imagination, all the same I loved how this turned out.

So ladies what little rocks would you likeon your fingers?
Hope you enjoyed the post!
Thanks for stopping by and reading and looking at the pretty pictures!
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