Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentines Manicures

I don't think I announced it on here yet , but here goes , I decided to take my nail obsession to another level, I am currently doing a Nail technician course it is lots of hard work what with work but I am having a blast being able to give all my family and friends manicures and hopefully soon I will be attempting gels too. So this week I have done a couple of Valentines Manicures on two of my friends and they have allowed me to show you their nails. So here we go!
First up I did my friends daughter who just happens to be my hair dresser , so it was nice to do something for her hard working talented hands for a change , I let her loose in my helmer and she came back with Cult Nails,  Devious Nature great minds think alike .

After giving Sammy a spa manicure which she said she enjoyed and was totally relaxed , I applied two coats of Devious nature to her nails, this is such a lush shade. Using konad white and Cheeky plate 15 I stamped the hearts on her ring finger and then placed a Pink heart in the middle of one of the large hearts. You can by these hearts from Viva La Nails , the link is at the side .

Next up I have a lovely young lady whom has been delivering papers from our Post Office for a few years and I thought her nails were in need of some TLC. I decided to give Jess a girly mani and went for Barry M Strawberry and Barry M pomegranate.

First I applied two coats of Barry M Strawberry to all her nails then I applied Barry M Pink Quartz Glitter to all her nails except her ring finger. Using Barry M pomegranate and Cheeky plate 15 I stamped hearts on her ring finger, I was really happy with this mani and Jess loved it too.

I am really enjoying the course although it is hard sometimes painting someones elses nails , I am also not too keen on them cuticle clippers , I much prefer to push them back any thoughts on this  would be helpful!
So that's it for today and I hope you enjoyed looking at some other nails other than my own for a change and will be back with some more in the near future!
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