Sunday, 7 April 2013

Autism Awareness - Jigsaw mani

Hi all well tomorrow I go away for a few days to Wales , I am just hoping for at least one day that has sunshine as I would like to walk up Snowdon and not take the train but we will see more of that when I get back , I have lined up some posts for you while I'm away so please comeback and see what I have for you!

Anyways on with the post , Tuesday was Autism Awareness,  and I am sure you know of someone whom is suffering or who has an autistic child, I a a couple of friends that struggled with their children years back and would have benefited from the knowledge that we have today but there are still people whom know nothing about it and are often the people whom make flippant comments ! So lets make them aware!! there is a group on Facebook that will be able to explain what autism is better than I,  I just have some nails to show you that may just start some conversations while I'm at work!

I decided to copy the design on the Autism Awareness ribbon onto my nails.

I decided to paint the jigsaw on my nails rather than stamp and I love how bright they turned out.

On my ring finger I decided to stamp on the ribbon symbol from BM plate 321 using Konad White. I have listed at the bottom of the post what polishes I uesd to create this manicure.

 I really am pleased with how this turned out, no tape was used in the making of this , it was all by freehand and a dotting tool!

Here is what I used:

* I am not paid by these companies and have not been sent these items for review or as payments for reviews*

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