Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Boron element 5 /Polish Days!

Hi all, today's post is a Polish Days challenge which is the Number 5! This was left entirely up to us to come up with a theme and , wow I struggled , first I thought about just doing the colour blue, because that's Numerology's colour for the number 5, then I was thinking of doing all the 4 decks in a pack of cards with the number 5 , then I remembered when your stuck for an idea stick with what you know and my thing is Geology , so I turned to the periodic table and chose to interpret the element Boron!

Instead of just using a metallic colour , I used 3 and a sponge to recreate Boron. First I applied two coats of OPI , Number one Nemesis.

Then I sponged on Beyu 351 and Barry M , Silver Foil to recreate the shades within the metaloid.

Then I sponged on Gosh, Magic star to give it that bit of sparkle! Then using Barry M silver foil and Gals plate 25 I stamped the number 5 on my ring finger!

Did you know that a compound of Boron can be found in Glass and ceramics and also in the magnets that can be found in your DVD's , CD's players and mobile phones.

Now go and check out the other girls that have brought you the number 5

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