Who Me?

OK, here is a bit of information on Moi!

 I of course love nail polish, as a teenager I never did the whole makeup thing and as a young adult it completely bypassed me, but as I have matured (lol I sound like some piece of cheese ) I have found an interest especially in nail polish and at the ripe age of 40 bought my first ever polish, it was an unassuming, unbranded nude shade, in the past 6 months my polish collection has swelled considerably to the point it's almost an obsession, which is why I decided to launch this blog, so I am able to ramble on about them without boring my family and friends! 
In the short time I have been blogging I have met some wonderful like minded ladies, whom I twitter with and share my polishes . If you want to know more about me read on if not you can always check out the rest of the blog!

I am at the very Grandest level a 41 year old Mum of two beautiful (biased much) young adults, wow that make me feel so old ( I know I am oldish!), of  a wonderful,intelligent 19 year old girl, Evie, she is at university in Chester studying Archeology and a boisterous ,challenging (very!) 13 year old boy Euan (yeah named after Ewan McGregor but spelt differently), when they aren't keeping me busy, I work at our local Post Office. 
I am also a Geologist and an avid fossil hunter ( I know even with these nails). Below is my favourite place on this Planet ,it is also where the tent scene from Harry Potter the deathly Hallows was filmed here is the link if you want to check it out further.

 Malham Cove.

I also absolutely love Tinkerbelle like me she is mischievous and likes to make things out of nothing unlike Tink I don't have wings, but have been known to fly after a few vodka's on the odd Friday night.

If I think of anything else later on I will be sure to post it here!

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